“You Have Killed Me” is a graphic novel written by Jamie S. Rich and with art by Joelle Jones. It begins with our detective, Tony Mercer in bad shape talking about the smell of Almonds. Usually this means poison in most detective fiction, but that’s a red herring here. Mercer has been hired to find a missing rich girl, who just happens to be an ex-flame, by her sister.

It’s a bit of a twisting case, but Rich does a fine job of crafting an excellent mystery. The Characters are quite good and there is some very good use of suspense.

The art by Joelle Jones is good, the faces are very expressive, but there are a few continuity problems. Jennie, the sister who hires Mercer, is supposed to be a red head and her hair is slightly shaded on Page 5, but this technique is quickly abandoned, making it a bit difficult to tell the two sisters apart. Also Kane has dot-tone shading to denote his ethnic background on page 36, but he loses that in his later appearances.

The biggest issue I have is the gun held by the final big bad. It goes from a squared off Colt-style gun to a revolver between panels. Mayhaps there were two? I’m not sure and that probably not a good thing.

However Jones is very good at staging her action and using an “Economy of Lines” to create her images, it is some very compelling work.

So, other than a few small issues, I recommend this book and keep you eyes out for Rich and Jones, I’m sure there will be great things from them in the future!